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Killer_bee-SCW-   E-Mail von Killer_bee-SCW- 20.10.2017
Was wondering, why did i get a ban??? was playing and in the middel of the game i got kicked, after reconnect..i got that i was banned from server, no reason no nothing.So can you explain this, or can you give me the reason why? Thanks

movingguru   E-Mail von movingguru   Homepage von movingguru 13.09.2017
Very good, I think I found the knowledge I needed. I will see and refer some information in your post. thank you.

Schickertod   E-Mail von Schickertod   Homepage von Schickertod 03.11.2013
[center]Hi Leute,

unsere Domain hat sich geändert! Bitte den alten GB Eintrag von uns löschen!

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-=PzArtBtl55=-   E-Mail von -=PzArtBtl55=-   Homepage von -=PzArtBtl55=- 12.09.2013

[center]Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr euch bei uns Registriert und in unsere Topliste eintragt !! [/center]

kolja   E-Mail von kolja   Homepage von kolja 17.12.2012

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